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The beauty of gaming

The beauty of sports is in being able to not only compete, but also be able to outdo your opponents while enjoying the fun that comes with participating in the game. EA sports is one of the leading video game developers in the world and their venturing into sports has been hugely successful, making a number of fans attached to their favourite games, at times even bordering on addiction. However, the dynamic nature of the various video games being developed by EA Sports is at times so rapid that it would require gaming enthusiasts to always be on the lookout in order that they are not left behind in the gaming world, but most importantly to ensure that they are up to speed with EA sport's gaming revolution. One of the most amazing aspects of EA Sports games was the introduction of "Ultimate Team"  feature, which as its name suggests, gave gamers the ultimate power to be able to manage their teams in such a way that they were given the chance to create their dream teams or fantasy teams as some would call it.

Creating your ultimate team

The Ultimate Team is the ultimate answer to gamers who would like to form a team consisting of all their favourite players, something that is almost impossible in the real world. However, the beauty of it is that the management of transfers and purchases of players works just like in the real world. The only slight difference is that you have the option to either buy players using virtual coins or if you do not have enough virtual money, you can purchase the coins using real money then use the coins to buy you favourite players and create your "Ultimate Team". Our online platform serves as a marketplace where you can put up players for sale and attract bids for your players or make purchases yourself. Gamers are also able to trade in virtual coins which are used for buying players. Currently, we have a membership of more than 21,000 gamers who use this platform regularly to create their ultimate teams or even make cash through trading in virtual coins in exchange for real money. While FIFA remains the most popular game in the EA Sports bouquet of games, our platform has all the games that have been developed to have "Ultimate Team" feature on board and you can therefore count on us to provide you with your ultimate team needs including the NFL (Madden NFL) and NHL ultimate teams.

The Ultimate Team actually puts you in total control of your game as long as you have the right players and are able to get the best deals from the best marketplace. Being the most reputable online platform for all your Ultimate Team needs, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are always updated with the latest information on gaming such as upgrades in games, the latest apps to go for in the market and we also have a forum where our large online community engages in fruitful online discussion on which real world players are actually in great form and how that is likely to be reflected in whichever team you have assembled. We also teach new managers who are new to this type of gaming on the best ways to go about managing their teams. If you love online gaming, then you know you love us.

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